Topic Season-
Episode #
Adam and Eve get married 3-22 "Our Wedding"
Adam and Eve arrive with baby 4-21 "The Big Feast"
Adam's fireworks display 5-14 "A Bolt from the Blue"
Adam has sympathetic pregnancy 3-18 "My Mother, My Sister"
Adam works at The Brick 3-07 "Roots"
Adam writes for the newspaper 3-11 "Dateline: Cicely"
Amy Lochner (mathematician) 4-03 "Nothing's Perfect"
Anastasia 6-06 "Zarya"
Angelo the barber 6-04 "The Letter"
Auction 6-02 "Eye of the Beholder"
Barbara arrives 2-05 "Spring Break"
Barbara catches Maurice cheating on taxes 3-01 "The Bumpy Road to Love"
Barbara fights Holling and meets Maurice 2-05 "Spring Break"
Barbara serves Maurice an official complaint 3-22 "Our Wedding"
Bernard arrives 1-08 "Aurora Borealis"
Bernard leaves for Africa 3-07 "Roots"
Bernard returns from Africa 3-21 "It Happened in Juneau"
Blood drive 5-23 "Blood Ties"
Bon Hiver 5-10 "First Snow"
Box 3-20 "The Final Frontier"
Brad Bonner 4-04 "Heroes"
Brad Young (runaway) 4-11 "Survival of the Species"
Burying Bill Planey 3-16 "Three Amigos"
Bus Stop 6-20 "Buss Stop"
Cal escapes from Maurice's 5-24 "Lovers and Madmen"
Cal gives concert 6-13 "Horns"
Cal meets Maurice 5-13 "Mite Makes Right"
Cal turns himself in 6-22 "Let's Dance"
Cannibalism 5-09 "Cup of Joe"
Capras arrive 6-09 "Sons of the Tundra"
Capras buy land 6-16 "Lucky People"
Capras have party and house guests 6-11 "The Big Mushroom"
Chris and Bernard are out-of-sync 3-21 "It Happened in Juneau"
Chris and Bernard fight Miller boys 4-22 "Kaddish for Uncle Manny"
Chris and Bernard have common woman 5-04 "Altered Egos"
Chris and Maggie rebuild Model T 6-16 "Lucky People"
Chris and the buck 5-19 "The Gift of the Maggie"
Chris and the dummy "Esau" 6-05 "The Robe"
Chris and the mad bomber 3-05 "Jules et Joel"
Chris arrested for parole violation 4-10 "Crime and Punishment"
Chris becomes a monk 4-12 "Revelations"
Chris blamed in suicide note 5-16 "Northern Hospitality"
Chris builds big dust mite "April" 5-13 "Mite Makes Right"
Chris builds light/Solstice creation 4-18 "Northern Lights"
Chris buys half of The Brick 3-11 "Dateline: Cicely"
Chris collects antique banks 6-02 "Eye of the Beholder"
Chris disliked by new barber Angelo 6-04 "The Letter"
Chris explores dream control 6-21 "Ursa Minor"
Chris explores electricity 6-07 "Full Upright Position"
Chris fascinated with Mayor Maggie 6-10 "Realpolitik"
Chris gets degree 6-17 "The Graduate"
Chris gets in touch with the woman within 5-11 "Baby Blues"
Chris gives blood and faints 5-23 "Blood Ties"
Chris gets kissed by Maggie 2-02 "The Big Kiss"
Chris learns he may live past 40 5-03 "Jaws of Life"
Chris learns to dance at Cotillion 6-22 "Let's Dance"
Chris learns to fly airplane 5-09 "Cup of Joe"
Chris loses voice 2-02 "The Big Kiss"
Chris meets Bernard 1-08 "Aurora Borealis"
Chris misses prison 4-08 "Thanksgiving"
Chris outs Walt Whitman 1-02 "Brains, Know-How, and Native Intelligence"
Chris' pheromones 3-02 "Only You"
Chris remodels his trailer 6-08 "Up River"
Chris runs over dog and meets Amy the mathematician 4-03 "Nothing's Perfect"
Chris saves Maurice's life 4-16 "Ill Wind"
Chris steals radios 2-05 "Spring Break"
Chris sues Phil 6-15 "The Quest"
Chris throws Harley off cliff 4-03 "Nothing's Perfect"
Christmas 3-10 "Seoul Mates"
Cicely film festival 5-07 "Rosebud"
Cicely's history 3-23 "Cicely"
Cicely Quarks 4-02 "Midnight Sun"
Cicely Water reverses gender roles 6-13 "Horns"
Cicely News & World Telegram 3-11 "Dateline: Cicely"
Cindy arrives 3-03 "Oy, Wilderness"
Circus comes to town 3-09 "Get Real"
COHO Winds 4-16 "Ill Wind"
Colonel McKearn arrives 3-17 "Lost and Found"
Cow fling 3-14 "Burning Down the House"
Dentist (Dr. John) comes to town 5-03 "Jaws of Life"
Devil comes to town 6-05 "The Robe"
Dinner at 7:30 6-01 "Dinner at 7:30"
Dream exchange 5-12 "Mister Sandman"
Dust mites 5-13 "Mite Makes Right"
Ed adopts baby bear 6-21 "Ursa Minor"
Ed and the Hollywood agent 5-11 "Baby Blues"
Ed and the matchmaker 4-17 "Love's Labor Mislaid"
Ed betrays Ruth-Anne's friendship 5-20 "A Wing and a Prayer"
Ed buys Ruth-Anne a grave 3-08 "A-Hunting We Will Go"
Ed's crane returns 4-07 "The Bad Seed"
Ed discovers cure for shingles, fears computer 6-11 "The Big Mushroom"
Ed the DJ 5-03 "Jaws of Life"
Ed fights External Validation 5-22 "Grand Prix"
Ed finds ring in fish 4-06 "On Your Own"
Ed follows documentary film crew 1-03 "Soapy Sanderson"
Ed gets writer's block 1-06 "Sex, Lies, and Ed's Tape"
Ed house sits 6-12 "Mi Casa, Su Casa"
Ed investigates Hayden 6-02 "Eye of the Beholder"
Ed meets Heather Haynes 6-02 "Eye of the Beholder"
Ed obsesses over death 4-16 "Ill Wind"
Ed sleepflies and is called to be a shaman 5-01 "Three Doctors"
Ed struck by lightning 5-14 "Bolt from the Blue"
Ed looks for mother and meets Reynaldo 5-23 "Blood Ties"
Ed looks for parents with One Who Waits 2-02 "The Big Kiss"
Ed makes flutes 3-13 "Things Become Extinct"
Ed meets Bonnie 5-08 "Heal Thyself"
Ed meets his father 4-13 "Duets"
Ed meets Lightfeather 2-06 "War and Peace"
Ed meets Low Self-Esteem (Green Man) 5-08 "Heal Thyself"
Ed meets One Who Waits 2-02 "The Big Kiss"
Ed sees future 6-09 "Sons of the Tundra"
Ed shadows Leonard 5-08 "Heal Thyself"
Ed starts working at Ruth-Anne's store 3-06 "The Body in Question"
Ed taints Joel's medical experiment 6-05 "The Robe"
Ed volunteers for fox hunt 6-03 "Shofar, So Good"
Ed works at the movie theater 6-17 "The Graduate"
Elaine's first visit 1-05 "Russian Flu"
Elaine returns 3-07 "Roots"
Enrique the shepherd 4-16 "Ill Wind"
Eve helps Shelly replace wine 4-21 "The Big Feast"
Eve introduced 3-01 "The Bumpy Road to Love"
Eve is pregnant 3-17 "Lost and Found"
Eye doctor comes to town 3-02 "Only You"
Fire tower decommissioned 5-14 "Bolt from the Blue"
Flinged coffin 4-04 "Heroes"
Flinged piano 3-14 "Burning Down the House"
Flying man arrives 3-09 "Get Real"
Flying man returns 4-06 "On Your Own"
Founders Day parade 6-16 "Lucky People"
Frozen Frenchman 3-06 "The Body in Question"
Gillis Toomey 4-02 "Midnight Sun"
Halloween 3-05 "Jules et Joel"
Health inspector at The Brick 4-09 "Do the Right Thing"
Hobo and veteran (Bristol Lance) comes to town 4-18 "Northern Lights"
Holling and Phil Capra hang out 6-14 "The Mommy's Curse"
Holling and Maurice bury Bill Planey 3-16 "Three Amigos"
Holling and Ruth-Anne go camping 4-17 "Love's Labor Mislaid"
Holling and Shelly buy old dollhouse 6-02 "Eye of the Beholder"
Holling and Shelly get married 4-19 "Family Feud"
Holling and Shelly look for a house 6-12 "Mi Casa, Su Casa"
Holling and Shelly look for Jesse 1-07 "A Kodiak Moment"
Holling and sports 5-06 "Birds of a Feather"
Holling applies to Sons of the Tundra 6-09 "Sons of the Tundra"
Holling caters Ron and Erick's wedding 5-21 "I Feel the Earth Move"
Holling closes The Brick to look for star 3-12 "Our Tribe"
Holling contemplates circumcision 2-03 "All is Vanity"
Holling's daughter shows up 4-07 "The Bad Seed"
Holling DJs 2-02 "The Big Kiss"
Holling gets satellite dish 2-01 "Goodbye to All That"
Holling gets kicked out of Lamaze class 5-08 "Heal Thyself"
Holling goes to school 4-15 "Learning Curve"
Holling has aversion to food 5-12 "Mr- Sandman"
Holling hibernates 4-18 "Northern Lights"
Holling in charge of digging winter graves 5-10 "First Snow"
Holling is Marilyn's dance partner 4-22 "Kaddish for Uncle Manny"
Holling leaves Shelly at the alter 1-04 "Dreams, Schemes, and Putting Greens"
Holling loses election to Edna Hancock 3-15 "Democracy in America"
Holling's mid-life crisis 3-13 "Things Become Extinct"
Holling needs to plant something 4-23 "Mud and Blood"
Holling sings "Ave Maria" 3-10 "Seoul Mates"
Holling's "son" arrives 6-17 "The Graduate"
Holling takes up paint-by-numbers 5-18 "Fish Story"
Ice breaks 2-05 "Spring Break"
Jackie Vincoeur shows up 4-07 "The Bad Seed"
Japanese tourists 3-20 "The Final Frontier"
Jed comes to hunt 5-23 "Blood Ties"
Jesse the bear 1-07 "A Kodiak Moment"
Jesse dies 3-20 "The Final Frontier"
Jeweled City of the North 6-15 "The Quest"
Joel and Maggie have sex in barn 4-16 "Ill Wind"
Joel and Maggie go to Juneau 3-21 "It Happened in Juneau"
Joel and Maggie stranded at air field 5-17 "Una Volta in L'Inverno"
Joel and Phil golf in woods 6-10 "Realpolitik"
Joel arrives in Cicely 1-01 Pilot
Joel attempts to throw a party 5-16 "Northern Hospitality"
Joel's cabin is haunted 3-17 "Lost and Found"
Joel can't hit a vein 5-23 "Blood Ties"
Joel coaches basketball 4-02 "Midnight Sun"
Joel's "Dear Joel" letter 2-01 "Goodbye to all That"
Joel denied vacation and goes on strike 4-18 "Northern Lights"
Joel finds Jewish influence in native language 5-02 "The Mystery of the Old Curio Shop"
Joel finds woolly mammoth 5-24 "Lovers and Madmen"
Joel's first Christmas tree 3-10 "Seoul Mates"
Joel freed 6-13 "Horns"
Joel's Founders Day tapes 6-13 "Horns"
Joel gets adopted by natives 3-12 "Our Tribe"
Joel gets Glacier Dropsy 5-01 "Three Doctors"
Joel goes home with Maggie 4-14 "Grosse Pointe 48230"
Joel goes hunting 3-08 "A-Hunting We Will Go"
Joel has lump on head 6-04 "The Letter"
Joel hooks giant fish 5-18 "Fish Story"
Joel joins fire department 5-07 "Rosebud"
Joel loses wallet and misses New York City 5-04 "Altered Egos"
Joel meets Adam 1-08 "Aurora Borealis"
Joel meets Eve 3-01 "The Bumpy Road To Love"
Joel outstitches Maggie at knitting 5-15 "Hello, I Love You"
Joel's parents visit 5-06 "Birds of a Feather"
Joel reads Marilyn's journal 5-21 "I Feel the Earth Move"
Joel returns to New York City 6-15 "The Quest"
Jules Fleischman 3-05 "Jules et Joel"
KGB agent 4-09 "Do the Right Thing"
Larry Coe golf pro 3-14 "Burning Down the House"
Leonard looks for legends 5-07 "Rosebud"
Leonard shadows Joel 3-19 "Wake-Up Call"
Leston Havens helps Ed dub film 4-24 "Sleeping With The Enemy"
Little Italy 6-18 "Little Italy"
Lost languages 4-24 "Sleeping With The Enemy"
Maggie's 30th birthday 4-01 "Northwest Passages"
Maggie almost kills Joel with kindness 4-25 "Old Tree"
Maggie and Chris rebuild Model T 6-16 "Lucky People"
Maggie and Joel live together 6-08 "Up River"
Maggie and Joel almost go to Russia 6-07 "Full Upright Position"
Maggie and Joel look for Jeweled City 6-15 "The Quest"
Maggie and the bear 3-19 "Wake-Up Call"
Maggie becomes mayor 6-10 "Realpolitik"
Maggie breaks Joel's nose 4-16 "Ill Wind"
Maggie builds airplane 5-20 "A Wing and a Prayer"
Maggie buys Joel a little friend 5-19 "The Gift of the Maggie"
Maggie buys movie house 6-17 "The Graduate"
Maggie crowned homecoming queen 5-05 "A River Doesn't Run Through It"
Maggie donates antique bank 6-02 "Eye of the Beholder"
Maggie's father visits 2-03 "All is Vanity"
Maggie forgets about sex with Joel 4-17 "Love's Labor Mislaid"
Maggie gets sick around Joel 5-21 "I Feel the Earth Move"
Maggie has healing powers 4-23 "Mud and Blood"
Maggie's house burns down 3-14 "Burning Down the House"
Maggie kisses Chris and gives him his voice back 2-02 "The Big Kiss"
Maggie's letter to herself 6-04 "The Letter"
Maggie misses laundromat 5-08 "Heal Thyself"
Maggie's mother visits 3-14 "Burning Down the House"
Maggie needs glasses 3-02 "Only You"
Maggie's new mother 6-14 "The Mommy's Curse"
Maggie obsesses over dust mites 5-13 "Mite Makes Right"
Maggie plays Nancy Drew 5-02 "The Mystery of the Old Curio Shop"
Maggie's premonition about Joel's flight 2-04 "What I Did For Love"
Maggie redecorates for winter 5-10 "First Snow"
Maggie visits Manonash 6-11 "The Big Mushroom"
Maggie's yard is women's burial ground 4-11 "Survival of the Species"
Marilyn buys a house 4-07 "The Bad Seed"
Marilyn's champion husky 6-10 "Realpolitik"
Marilyn dances at pow wow 1-06 "Sex, Lies, and Ed's Tape"
Marilyn learns to drive 4-01 "Northwest Passages"
Marilyn's ostriches 3-04 "Animals R Us"
Marilyn screens her dates and meets Ted 5-04 "Altered Egos"
Marilyn solves petty cash theft 5-09 "Cup of Joe"
Marilyn's totem pole 4-19 "Family Feud"
Marilyn vacations in Seattle 4-15 "Learning Curve"
Marilyn visits Manonash 6-12 "Mi Casa, Su Casa"
Matthew visits Ruth-Anne 4-05 "Blowing Bubbles"
Maurice adopts Chris 1-07 "A Kodiak Moment"
Maurice adopts Randi 6-16 "Lucky People"
Maurice almost dies 4-16 "Ill Wind"
Maurice's boyhood home arrives 4-20 "Homesick"
Maurice buys clock 4-03 "Nothing's Perfect"
Maurice buys violin 5-13 "Mite Makes Right"
Maurice donates spoiled wine 6-02 "Eye of the Beholder"
Maurice Dutton (Maurice's nephew) visits 6-07 "Full Upright Position"
Maurice's fireworks display 5-14 "A Bolt from the Blue"
Maurice's footwear fetish 5-12 "Mr. Sandman"
Maurice's groupie 2-04 "What I Did For Love"
Maurice has heart attack 5-02 "The Mystery of the Old Curiosity Shop"
Maurice's house burns 5-19 "The Gift of the Maggie"
Maurice loses property deal to Lester Haynes 5-05 "A River Doesn't Run Through It"
Maurice meets Barbara 2-05 "Spring Break"
Maurice meets his son, Duk Won 3-10 "Seoul Mates"
Maurice's orchids 5-19 "The Gift of the Maggie"
Maurice's party 4-21 "The Big Feast"
Maurice's son asks for his blessing 4-24 "Sleeping with the Enemy"
Maurice starts writing memoirs 4-01 "Northwest Passages"
Meredith visits Chris 5-24 "Lovers and Madmen"
Mi casa es su casa 6-12 "Mi Casa, Su Casa"
Mike Monroe arrives 4-05 "Blowing Bubbles"
Mike Monroe leaves 4-20 "Homesick"
Mosquito festival 4-23 "Mud and Blood"
Ned Svenborg 3-23 "Cicely"
Nedra dies 5-10 "First Snow"
Nikolai from Russia 2-06 "War and Peace"
Old Vicky 4-25 "Old Tree"
One Who Waits arrives 2-02 "The Big Kiss"
One Who Waits leaves 4-13 "Duets"
Optimobile comes to town 3-02 "Only You"
"Pencil Neck Geek" (song) 5-16 "Northern Hospitality"
Petty cash stolen 5-09 "Cup of Joe"
Plane crash 3-03 "Oy, Wilderness"
Plane trip to Russia 6-07 "Full Upright Position"
Randi gets baptized 5-20 "A Wing and a Prayer"
Rick hit by satellite 2-07 "Slow Dance"
Rick's funeral 3-01 "The Bumpy Road To Love"
Rick reincarnates as a dog 3-03 "Animals R Us"
Rolf Hauser (antique clock technician) 4-03 "Nothing's Perfect"
Ron and Erick arrive 2-07 "Slow Dance"
Ron and Erick marry 5-21 "I Feel the Earth Move"
Ron translates for Maurice 4-24 "Sleeping with the Enemy"
Running of the bulls 2-05 "Spring Break"
Ruth-Anne and Walt are stranded 5-15 "Hello, I Love You"
Ruth-Anne audited 5-05 "A River Doesn't Run Through It"
Ruth-Anne buys store 4-12 "Revelations"
Ruth-Anne fires Walt 6-14 "The Mommy's Curse"
Ruth-Anne's son Matthew visits 4-05 "Blowing Bubbles"
Ruth-Anne spoils Maurice's fox hunt 6-03 "Shofar, So Good"
Ruth-Anne studies Italian 5-17 "Una Volta l'Inverno"
Ruth-Anne takes off on Chris' Harley 5-18 "Fish Story"
Ruth-Anne writes for NPR 6-18 "Little Italy"
Ruth-Anne's 75th birthday 3-08 "A-Hunting We Will Go"
Shelly and Holling finally get married 4-19 "Family Feud"
Shelly's baby shower 5-11 "Baby Blues"
Shelly becomes TV addict 2-01 "Goodbye to All That"
Shelly breaks Maurice's vintage wine 4-21 "The Big Feast"
Shelly denies love for Maurice 5-10 "First Snow"
Shelly gets chain letter 6-04 "The Letter"
Shelly gives birth, meets Randi at laundromat 5-15 "Hello, I Love You"
Shelly goes to Canada 5-16 "Northern Hospitality"
Shelly "hatches" 3-19 "Wake-Up Call"
Shelly is a cheerleader 4-02 "Midnight Sun"
Shelly learns she is pregnant 4-23 "Mud and Blood"
Shelly meets the devil 6-05 "The Robe"
Shelly's dad visits 1-04 "Dreams, Schemes and Putting Greens"
Shelly's mom visits 3-18 "My Mother, My Sister"
Shelly puts on puppet show for Holling 3-13 "Things Become Extinct"
Shelly redecorates 4-20 "Homesick"
Shelly sees dancers 4-19 "Family Feud"
Shelly speaks Italian 5-17 "Una Volta in L'Inverno"
Shelly starts singing 4-25 "Old Tree"
Shelly stops singing 5-01 "Three Doctors"
Sigmund Freud 3-05 "Jules et Joel"
So far, so good 6-03 "Shofar, So Good"
Soapy dies 1-03 "Soapy Sanderson"
Stranded at airfield 5-17 "Una Volta in L'Inverno"
Ted Banks arrives and dates Marylin 5-04 "Altered Egos"
Ted learns about wealth 5-22 "Gran Prix"
Thanksgiving 4-08 "Thanksgiving"
Tooley is buried 4-04 "Heroes"
Tranquility Base 6-23 "Tranquility Base"
Truffle-hunting pig 4-23 "Mud and Blood"
Uncle Anku has prostrate cancer 1-02 "Brains, Know How and Native Intelligence"
Uncle Manny dies 4-22 "Kaddish for Uncle Manny"
Unknown dead man 2-03 "All Is Vanity"
Voting 6-10 "Realpolitik"
Walt addicted to visor 5-17 "Una Volta in L'Inverno"
Walt and Ruth-Anne are stranded 5-15 "Hello, I Love You"
Walt gets frostbite 5-15 "Hello, I Love You"
Walt works for Ruth-Anne 6-14 "The Mommy's Curse"
Wax museum 5-03 "Jaws of Life"
Wayne returns 1-06 "Sex, Lies and Ed's Tape"
Wheelchair race 5-22 "Gran Prix"
Yom Kippur 6-03 "Shofar, So Good"