"Aurora Borealis"
Season 1, Episode 8 (?)
Airdate August 30, 1990
Writer(s) Charles Rosin
Director Peter O'Fallon
Guest star(s)

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Joel comes faces to face with the legendary "Adam", a Bigfoot-like character while Chris meets a brother he didn't know he had.


In Cicely, the full moon is having a strange effect on everyone. Ruth-Anne is eating steak at 8:00 am, Maurice is complaining about the coffee, and Ed tells Joel about Adam, the mysterious person with bare feet and a green head who wanders around the woods at night. Meanwhile, Chris has taped his morning radio show so that he can work at his trailer on his sculpture, called "Aurora Borealis", before the Northern Lights actually occur.

A stranger shows up in town on a Harley and new leathers. Ed comments that he's black, and that they don't have many strangers in town. The man introduces himself as Bernard and goes over to The Brick where he becomes engaged in conversation with Chris about Carl Jung and the collective unconscious. There is a clear connection between Bernard and Chris, and they begin acting similarly.

Joel drives out to make a housecall for a forest ranger named Ranger Burns and, on the way back, his truck breaks down, leaving him stranded in the woods at night. He sees a large hulking figure come out of the woods, steal some things from his pickup truck bed, and then it finally beckons him to follow it. Reluctantly, Joel does, and finds himself in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. He tries to strike up a conversation with the man, but he simply tells Joel to shut up and sit down. He has a difficult time convincing Joel that he's Adam, the mysterious creature everybody's been talking about. Far from a wild beast, Adam is actually a superb chef and cooks a meal that Joel is amazed at.

Back in town at Maggie's house, Chris and Bernard are playing bridge against Maggie and Holling. Bernard rarely plays, and yet he and Chris win every hand, as if they're thinking alike. As they leave, they speak almost in unison, and Maggie and Holling look at each other in confusion.

Later that night in his trailer, Chris has a dream about his father, and is surprised to run into Bernard in his dream, as well as Carl Jung. Bernard and Chris wake up simultaneously, and discover in conversation that not only do they have the same birthday, but they are also brothers. Their dad spent half of his time with each of their families, which explains the similarities, and the mental connection. Chris and Bernard are both blown over by this turn of events.

Back at Adam's cabin, Joel wakes up, but Adam is gone. Joel traces his way back to the truck, is able to start it again, and drives back home. However, when he tries to tell everyone about it the next morning, no one believes him. Everyone thinks that the moon has made him crazy.

Following the formal presentation of Chris' sculpture, Bernard and Chris say goodbye, and Bernard rides off once again into the great unknown. Joel leads Maggie and Ed back out into the woods, only to find that Adam's cabin is gone. All that is left is a garlic press, which Joel is overjoyed to find.


Chris: Whenever there's a new moon looming on the horizon, I'll inevitably get a call from someone saying, 'Hey Chris, how bout that sucker?' And, I'll usually say something cordial like, 'Oh yeah, it's a marvelous night for a moon dance,' or 'I wonder what old Sun Young Moon is up to tonight.' But, knowing how we've been tossing and turning these past few nights for fear of where our dreams may be taking us, I'm not about to pretend that that man, in that moon, has our best interests at heart. No way; he's too much of a kidder. So, until the big fellow packs his bag and hits the road, put away those sharp utensils and stay close to your love ones, if you're lucky enough to have any. I'll see you in the morning, folks, or the moonlight, whichever one comes first.

Joel: Hey Ed, what is this--is this a track?
Ed: Looks like a track.
Joel: Looks fresh. You know, not that I know what a fresh track looks like, but that...that's big, whatever it is. What? What is it? What's wrong?
Ed: It's a bare footprint.
Joel: As in grizzly bear footprint?
Ed: No, more like as in a person with no shoes on.

Ed: Are you lost?
Bernard: No! I just don't know where I am.

Bernard: Excuse me.
Joel: Yeah?
Bernard: Where am I?
Joel: You know, I've been asking myself that same question since I got here. I finally figured out we're somewhere between the end of the line and the middle of nowhere.
Bernard: Where is that on the map?

Ed: So, you're black.
Bernard: Yeah?
Ed: We had a black logger here, but he left.
Bernard: Why's that?
Ed: I guess he wasn't into drinking beer and fighting.

Adam: I don't like people barging in on me, OK?! I don't like people! You are a person and I don't like people! Do you understand me?!

Adam: You know who I am? Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Do you know who I am?
Joel: No.
Adam: I'm Adam.
Joel (amused): Well, I'm Chef Boyardee!
Adam: What?
Joel: You're not Adam.
Adam: What do you mean, I'm not A--I'm Adam!
Joel: No, you're not. You're not Adam.

(Adam tries to teach Joel how to cook but he is holding the wooden spoon incorrectly, like a violin bow)
Adam: Look. Hold this correctly, OK?
(Adam takes Joel's hand and forces him to hold the spoon with all the fingers)
Adam: It's a spoon, all right? It's not a darning needle. I'm serious!

Shelly: What were you talking about this morning? "Yoong" and what was that other stuff?
Chris: The collective unconscious.
Shelly: Do they tour, or do they just cut records? ... I missed something, didn't I?

Bernard: Those Northern Lights are some kind of weird psychic...something?
Chris: Yeah.
Bernard: What causes them to do that?
Chris: Well, this is just my guess, but I think that high-speed electrons and protons from the sun are trapped in the Van Allen radiation belt. Then they're channeled through the polar regions by the earth's magnetic field where they collide with other particles and create a brilliant luminosity.
Bernard: What does that have to do with us?
Chris: I swear man, I don't know.




  1. Opening scene with Chris on the microphone. Chris and Bernard meet in The Brick. Joel meets Adam. Bernard leaves. At the end when Maurice looks at Chris and Bernard's sculpture and maybe "gets it".
  2. Rock version: Maggie, Holling, and Maurice discuss the Aurora messing with everyone's sleep patterns. Classical piano version: Ruth-Anne and Joel talk about Adam; she tells him about the stolen Cuisinart and Bible.
  3. Bernard arrives in Cicely on his motorcycle.
  4. Joel drives out to find Ranger Burns.
  5. Chris and Bernard, both on the same wavelength, clean up in a game of bridge.
  6. Dream sequence with Chris and Bernard sharing the same dream. Chris and Bernard realize they are brothers.
  7. Joel announces in the Brick that he has seen Adam.
  8. Shelly asks Chris about "Yoong and the collective unconsciousness." Chris meets Bernard in the Brick.
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