Chris' motorcycle is a Harley-Davidson. He left prison on a used Harley.[1]

As Chris explains to Marilyn in "Northwest Passages" (4-1):

Chris: Driving's kinda like breathing, see? You can't think too much about it. You're really looking comfortable behind the wheel, Marilyn. That's the important thing, confidence. Confidence, common sense, and consciousness. How you feeling?
Marilyn: All right.
Chris: Good, good. You see, the road, the road is your future. You, the vehicle, and the road, you're part of a continuum.
Marilyn: Uh-huh.
Chris: Now the vehicle is just a means--it's just an enabler, an extension of your idea. And that's the joy of it, the journey. Now the greater your rapport with the vehicle, the greater the joy.
Marilyn: Okay.
Chris: Take my bike. Why do I have a Hog? I could get from A to B in a station wagon, a minivan, a moped, right?
Marilyn: Uh-huh.
Chris: But for me, a Harley-Davidson, it's the ultimate, ultimate driving machine. I think, therefore I do. I can go 50. Boom, boom! I'm going 50. I like the smell of the exhaust. I like the rumble. I lean into a curve, she's there for me. (pauses and thinks) This is interesting... This is very interesting... Without realizing it, I was taking all this for granted. I mean, this is what teaching means to the teacher. Makes it all so clear, so crisp, so present. Thank you, Marilyn.
Marilyn: You're welcome.

And to Carla in "Jaws of Life" (5-3):

Chris: T minus 10, we're gonna cut out of here over to Dripping Springs, hook up with Mark and Jenn. We're gonna ride today, baby.
Carla: Oh, great. Last night, I gotta tell you, Chris. When you passed those piggyback semis over that double-solid yellow...
Chris: 7000 RPMs, still had some.
Carla: Yeah...
Chris: You grab me that 7/16s, please?
Carla: Yeah.
Chris: That's the whole thing with a hog, you know, it' and 80 wild horses under your butt. You're sitting on 10 square inches, where the rubber meets the road. You got hurricane gale winds just whipping you in the face. Leaning into a curve, you can feel that gravity just wanting to suck you down into it.
Carla: Yeah!
Chris: And what do you do? Give it a little more gas. You're feeding off of pure centrifugal force and chutzpah. I mean, you can see yourself just hurtling ass end over tea kettle into oblivion.


  • "War and Peace" (2-6), Chris compares Ed's love interest, Lightfeather, to his Harley hog
  • "The Bumpy Road to Love" (3-1), Officer Semanski tickets Chris' motorcycle (an Electra Glide FLH)[2]
  • "Nothing's Perfect" (4-3), Chris pushes his motorcycle he has had for 5 years off a cliff; later, on-air, he ponders getting a 1,340cc Blockhead Harley
  • "Survival of the Species" (4-11), Chris and Brad ride on his motorcycle when Brad leaves
  • "Jaws of Life" (5-3), Chris tunes his motorcycle; later, Chris rides out to Suicide Leap (a 500' overlook) to throw away his medication and, instead, meets the dentist and has a chat while sitting on his bike
  • "Fish Story" (5-18), Ruth-Anne steals Chris' motorcycle (a 1977 FLH 1200)[3][4] and goes on a joy ride
  • "The Letter" (6-4), Joel takes out Chris' motorcycle on a joy ride, gets pulled over and ticketed over for speeding at 90mph, and later tells Maggie he laid it down in a curve, hitting a pile of moose droppings
  • "Up River" (6-8), Chris rides to his trailer to see the contractor's progress


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