The First Church of Cicely[1] is a building in Cicely, Alaska that has several other functions besides a church or chapel for worship, weddings, and funerals. It's also a town hall for town meetings, a school house, and a law court, etc.


  • "Brains, Know-How, and Native Intelligence" (1-2), town meeting about Chris
  • "Dreams, Schemes and Putting Greens" (1-4), Shelly and Holling's first wedding attempt
  • "Russian Flu" (1-5), emergency town meeting about the flu epidemic
  • "All is Vanity" (2-3), town meeting about unknown dead man who died in Joel's office waiting room
  • "What I Did for Love" (2-4), Chris on-air mentions Founders Day, when everyone gets together at the church to mark the special day back in 1932 when Cicely and Roslyn stalled out here; Chris practices his Founders Day sermon at the church; town meeting about Founders Day and Maggie's dream of Joel's death
  • "Slow Dance" (2-7), Rick's funeral
  • "Animals R Us" (3-4), Ruth-Anne mentions a church supper to Maurice after he notices Marilyn's ostrich eggs in a basket on the general store counter
  • "The Body in Question" (3-6), town meeting about the French corpse
  • "A-Hunting We Will Go" (3-8), Ruth-Anne mentions Sadie Hawkins at the church social to Joel in her store
  • "Seoul Mates" (3-10), Raven pageant
  • "Democracy in America" (3-15), "First Church of Cicely" is first referred to by name by Ruth-Anne(?); the debate (at 7:30pm) and election are held
  • "The Final Frontier" (3-20), town meeting about whether or not to open a mail package
  • "Our Wedding" (3-22), Adam and Eve's wedding
  • "Crime and Punishment" (4-10), Chris on-air mentions Cicely's book club meeting that night at 7:30pm; Chris' hearing
  • "Survival of the Species" (4-11), Chris catches Brad trying to break into the donation box
  • "Family Feud" (4-19), Chris on-air mentions a monthly meeting of the "Cicely Frost Biters" that night for "those of you who've lost extremities to the cold and would like to share your feelings with others who have been through the same experience" and Holling and Shelly's wedding at 2pm that day
  • "Kaddish for Uncle Manny" (4-22), Cajun dance lessons with Marilyn and Holling; Joel's kaddish
  • "Old Tree" (4-25), town meeting about Maurice's tree
  • "A Cup of Joe" (5-9), Chris takes his pilot's license test
  • "Northern Hospitality" (5-16), town meeting about Chris in the Morning's playlist
  • "A Wing and a Prayer" (5-20), Miranda Bliss Tambo-Vincoeur's baptism
  • "Realpolitik" (6-10), city council meeting