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The Brick is Cicely's bar and restaurant, owned and operated by Holling Vincoeur. Originally, it was called The Beared Nail and run by Abe and Sally.[1][2]

Shelly Tambo is mainly the waitress (but also cooks some things and prepares food and drinks) and Dave is the cook (until Eugene takes over).[3] Adam also cooks there several times.[4][5][6]

Chris is part owner (half) of the bar for a short time[5] and gets thrown out another time.[7] A health inspector almost shuts the place down.[8]


The real "The Brick" is actually named "The Brick Tavern", built in 1889, and is "Washington's oldest continously operating saloon."[9] Before Northern Exposure, The Brick appears in the 1979 film The Runner Stumbles, starring Dick Van Dyke.


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